How Anyone Can Make at least 400k Every Single Week Selling Ordinary Products in Ghana for Massive Profits Without Buying or Shipping Products... Right inside your Bedroom.

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Do you know you can start a successful e-commerce business in Ghana and make at least 400k every month without leaving the comfort of your bedroom here in Nigeria?

Do you know that you can even run this business even without buying a single product?

Listen, if you’ve been thinking of an easy way of making CONSISTENT money online but don’t know “how” or which business to start…

Cheer up!

Because towards the end of this article, you’ll be armed with all the information you’ll ever need to start a profitable ONLINE business that’s capable of making you consistent 400k every single month without you leaving the comfort of your home.

And if you put in extra work, you should be banking home 1MM from this same business effortlessly.

Now you may be wondering?

What is Ecommerce?

How does this business work?

How much do I need to start?

How do I sell the products since I’m not buying them?

Why Ghana Ecommerce?

And how do I get the Ghana Cedis sent to my Nigerian bank account?

Follow me closely, you’re in the right place.

By the time you’re done reading this article, you’ll know how Ghana eCommerce works, plus the best strategy you need to succeed in running a highly profitable eCommerce business in Ghana, right from the comfort of your bedroom.


What is an eCommerce business?

eCommerce is simply buying and selling of goods or services via the internet, and the transfer of money and data to complete the sales.

In simple terms:

Buy a sneaker from a wholesaler at N23,000. 

Sell it at N30,000 on the internet. 

And that leaves you with: N30,000 - 23,000 = N7,000 (Pure profit)

So if you want to make 35,000 in a month, you sell 5 pieces of sneakers.

If you want to make N350,000 pure profit, you sell just 50 pieces.

And selling pieces in a month is very much possible because you’ll be leveraging Facebook Ads.

With Facebook Ads, making 50 sales is less than 2 sales per day.

Considering you’ll be selling to Ghana,

That means you’ll make much more profit.


Ghana cedis is bigger than naira

What that means is:

Ghanaians' buying power is higher than in Nigeria. Which simply says you can sell a product for a higher amount in Ghana, and they’ll still buy it.

From our Sneaker Example:

The same sneaker you can sell for 30,000 in Nigeria can be sold for an equivalent of 40,000

That’ll leave you with an extra 10,000 gain.

So instead of hawking it in the street or selling it in a shop (Like we did back then), we’re now hawking the products online.

What’s better?

We’re paying people(Facebook) to hawk it for us.

And this business model (eCommerce) is a fail-proof business that’s set to make you a serious amount of money.


How does this Ghana eCommerce business work?

It’s very simple.

You look for hot selling products online.

They’re a lot of websites to pick a hot selling product (Facebook, Jumia, Alibaba, Amazon)

You contact wholesalers and big importers in Ghana.

Now, these are guys that import containers from China.

Once you’ve located a hot selling product and a Ghana supplier for it, you start advertising your products online.

A good place to start is Ghana Facebook Groups or Facebook Ads. (Facebook Ads is the fastest)

Once you get an order for the product, you simply contact your supplier to ship the product down to the customer.

At the end of each transaction, you collect your profit.

Very simple.

How much do I need to start?

Well, I could say you can start with a very tiny amount.

 There’s no minimum amount of money you can start with. And there’s no maximum amount of money you can start this Ghana E-commerce.

I’ve seen people that started with 20,000 and also people that started with millions. 

The amount of money you start with doesn’t matter.

 It only tells how much you’ll be making every single month.

Why Ghana Ecommerce?

Like I earlier said, eCommerce isn’t near. If you look around you, you’ll see a lot of eCommerce Ads chasing you around on Facebook. 

Almost everyone is doing the eCommerce business in Nigeria.

The competition is fierce, more than ever.

So going into Ghana which is a very green market will give you an unfair advantage.

  • You’ll have less and less competition since Ghanaians are new to the concept of eCommerce.

  • You earn in cedis. That also gives you an edge over average Nigeria. Listen, Nigerian Jollof might be sweeter than Ghanaian Jollof, but Ghana cedis is sweeter than our weak “Naira”. At the time of writing this article...

1 ghc = N14

  • Since Ghanaian cedis is way bigger than Naira, their buying power is higher. That means a typical 30k sneaker in Nigeria can be sold effortlessly at 40k in Ghana.

But I must urge you to start immediately.

No market remains green forever. 

It’s only a matter of time before marketers will flood the Ghanaian market.

However, as easy as this, lots of people still complicate it, especially the gurus. 

But I have a super resource that will help you to build your own Ghana eCommerce business even if you don't know where to begin. 

ECOM DIASPORA is a comprehensive complete program on starting and growing a PROFITABLE business in Ghana selling ordinary products for higher profits.

It takes you on a very basic level plus an “Accountability System” to light fire under your butt and force you to take action so you’ll get massive results almost immediately.

Below are the FAQ

Have You Been Thinking of Starting Ghana E-commerce?


So what’s holding you back?


I’ll tell you because after speaking to a lot of folks about Ghana E-commerce, I realized that most of what is holding anyone back is the mental barrier and lack of the right knowledge.


Are you saying any of these?



*What if the Ghana partner ran away with my money?*


Shits happen in business.


So it’s okay you’re being very careful with your hard-earned money. 


Nobody wants to lose money.


However, we’ve distilled these guys over the past 4 years and I’ll ONLY give you contact with the trusted agent I’m currently working with.


So your money is 100% safe.


*How will they send me my money?*


Your money will be sent to you via two means — Momo Agent and Black Market Direct Bank Transfer.

Momo Agent is an MTN electronic money transfer platform, so they’ll wire the money directly to you.


Then for the Black Market Bank Transfer, your Ghana partner will give cedis to the Fx guy in the black market, and the Fx guy will transfer the equivalent using his Nigerian Bank account.



*How much do I need to start this Ghana Ecom?*


You really don’t need to start with a bunch of millions.


Not even 500k.


In fact, with as low as 50k you can start selling and banking heavy profits.


But if you have some millions, better.



*“Who will confirm the Orders for me?”*


The special logistics companies I’ll hand over to you will do the dirty work for you.


The best part, is you’re not paying them a DIME for it.



*Do I need to learn any software to implement all of these?*


Not at all.


But if you’re completely new to the internet world, well, you’ll need to learn how to install WordPress and edit a simple WordPress page.


I’ve free tutorials to get you started and it won’t take you less than 4 hours to master.



“I’m afraid I’ll be stuck while implementing this program”


I understand.


It shows you’re human.


But don’t be afraid because we have a step-by-step video that’ll show you how to implement everything.


Plus there’s a support group where you can ask questions and get real-time answers.



I’m selling to Nigeria and I’m doing pretty well so I don’t need Ghana


You’re right…


I get it… you’ve mastered Nigeria and you’re cashing out massively.


But should you box your income when you can actually grow your business to penetrate different markets out there?


Adding Ghana Ecom to your current business will almost 2X your monthly revenue.


And that’s something you’ll love.


*Do Ghana customers not cancel orders like Nigerians?*


I would have said, “Yes” (because that’s what you want to hear)…


Sadly only customers in heaven don’t cancel orders.


Ghanaians aren’t in heaven, are they? 


But here’s the thing, unlike Nigerians they’re more straightforward. What that means is they don’t joke with an order. If they want it then want it.

If they’ve changed their mind, they’ll tell you immediately.

And If You’re Amongst The First 10 Persons To Stay Till The End Of This Masterclass, I’m Specially Going To Hand To You Premium Bonuses Worth Over 750k For Free And An Invitation To My Premium Mentorship Program Where You Too Can Do The Same 

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