IMPORTANT: Affiliate Sales Contest For “Ecom Diaspora” Running From August 1st to December 31st, 2022.

The Affiliate Promotional Materials Page For The E-com Diaspora Program About Is Now Available!

What Is E-com Diaspora Program About


E-com Diaspora is comprehensive complete program on starting and growing a PROFITABLE business in Ghana selling ordinary products for higher profits.


It takes you on a very basic level.


Short straight-to-the-point videos.

No fluff.


The best part is you can download it on your phone or binge watch them.


And it won’t take up to 5 hours for consuming.


I’ve laid out everything in a simple manner that anyone with even half a brain can understand and will begin to implement immediately.

Make More Sales With This Product by Using the Promotional Materials Listed Below!

What you’re getting here are tried-and-true materials that I and others have used to persuade people to buy.


With this, you don’t have to overthink what to say and how to say it before you can persuade anyone to buy.


Simply copy and paste them into your application!


Apart from the Telegram link, each of the buttons below will take you to Google Drive, where you can access each of these materials.


More will be added to the vault as time goes on, so keep checking this page…



These promotional materials belong to me, not to you.


They are only to be used to promote the E-com Diaspora Program


You may not use my promotional materials for any other purpose.


So please follow my lead and respect my decision.


The link below will take you to a page where you can get ready-made presell articles for this product.


These can also be used as a FREE REPORT or a full WhatsApp Presentation to persuade prospects to buy the program through your link.


Click Here Now To Access The Presell Articles >>


Click Here To Access The Webinar Presenation Video


You can use these for Facebook Ads, WhatsApp presentations, or as landing page content.

Using this will also help you reduce the likelihood of Facebook banning your account.



Here’s a link to a page where you can get pre-written ad copy.


Click Here Now To Access The Facebook Ads Copies >>


You can get images to go along with these copies from the websites listed below.



Follow-Up e-mail Series

There are two kinds of email series listed below;

1. For those who are just getting started with building an email list

2. Those with an existing email list

You can use both regardless of your current situation, and they will work flawlessly.


Click Here Now To Access The E-mail Swipes >>


Click Here To Access The Ecom Diaspora squeeze Page>>


Click Here To Access The Thrive Architect Page Builder>>



These proofs can be used to convince prospects to buy from you for this program.


These are real proofs of earnings from me amongst several others by those who have also gotten the program


They can be used for Facebook groups, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp Status, among other things.


Click Here Now To Access The Earnings Proofs >>



These banners are suitable for use on blogs, Facebook posts, and WhatsApp status updates.


To download them, right-click on each of them and select “Save As.”


Click Here Now To Access The Banners/Graphics  1>>


Click Here Now To Access The Banners/Graphics  2>>


More to come…


This video clearly explains the comparison of different products sold in the Nigerian and Ghanaian market as at last year and why selling in Ghana is more Profitable

To download them, right-click on each of them and select “Save As.”


Click Here Now To Access The  Video Illustration>>



More to come…


Terms and Conditions for the Ecom Diaspora Affiliate Sales Challenge

Before you sign up for this challenge, consider the following suggestions.


If you are caught doing any of the following, we will terminate your participation in the challenge and you will forfeit any prizes:


  • All rewards will be distributed following the conclusion of the challenge period.


  • Under no circumstances should you request your reward prior to that time.


  • No unethical marketing methods would be permitted in order to gain rewards. Methods like promoting this online workshop as an MLM would be prohibited. You will be disqualified from the challenge and reported to Expertnaire Administration if you are caught.


  • You are NOT permitted to run negative PPC/iframe domain campaigns such as the “Author name/Product name scam.”


  • We would advise you to avoid using the raw affiliate link as much as possible. Link shorteners such as can help you shorten your links and use them in email, WhatsApp, and website campaigns. And it should not be the direct affiliate link that you received.


  • You will not be paid a commission if you make a purchase using your own affiliate link. Any self-purchase will not be considered a sale, and the commission will not be paid.


  • This is a legal transaction. It means that we only show genuine products, their features, and their benefits to users. We also ask that you follow the same protocol. If you are found to be using inaccurate information, misleading claims, bogus testimonials, or anything else that is inconsistent with what we represent, you will be reported to the Expertnaire administration and removed from the challenge.

If You Have Any Questions About This Challenge, Chat Me On WhatsApp