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How To Get Paid $1000 And Above Every Month As A Freelancer In Nigeria….. Even if you don’t have a skill or you have never been paid in dollars before

Hey Dear,

Do you have a smartphone?

Can you read, write and understand English?

Answer yes and you’ll never again have to worry about Insufficient funds

Instead, you’ll be on a part to earning between $500 – $2000 per project from the comfort of your home working with foreign clients

From just your smartphone (works for both Android and iPhone)

Dear reader,

If you’ll like to learn how you can get into freelancing, acquire high-income skill and sell it to foreign businesses who’ll pay you between $500 – $5000.

Then here’s what you need to do…

Read Every Word On This Page Carefully Because It Is The Answer To Your Prayers

Here’s why

In the next few lines of this letter, I am going to reveal to you certain secret processes that require just 1-4 hours daily

And you’ll no longer have to deal with the pains, stress, and frustration of being underpaid

Instead, you’ll have in your hand’s secrets that can let you earn upwards of $500-$5000 per month from your smartphone

But first,

I want you to understand….it took me 7months into freelancing to get the first client that paid me $300 for a writing gig

It also took me an additional 6 months to be able to sign my first $1500 project

While these are good results, I could have achieved them faster

It wasn’t because I wasn’t constantly seeking high-paying clients/gigs

It was because I was looking for High paying clients the wrong way

And the wrong way Is how most freelancers are doing it today

What I will be showing you today is…

The Right Way To Get High Paying Freelance Clients/Gigs On Your Smartphone Even If You Are a Complete Newbie With No Freelance Skill

Just like my students…

$1200 per month or copywriting

$1000 with a potential for $6000 ahead

$1000 for content writing

$15/hr x 40 = $600/week

You’ll no longer need to spend endless hours on Upwork Linkedin or Fiverr praying

Instead, you’ll have a clear process for landing quality gigs with the High-income skills you will be taught

All because you know something that a lot of freelancers do not

And you do not need to worry because this will work for you

Even if you are a beginner and have never heard of freelancing before

Even if you have no High-Income skill and don’t know where to learn one (you will be taught)

Even if you are using an Android or an iPhone

Even if no one believes in you but you believe in yourself

In a minute I will explain to you what freelancing is

What type of jobs you’ll be doing

What type of skills you’ll need

Where to find foreign clients/businesses and how to get started

But first

Let me introduce myself

My name is Walter Enyinnaya

I am fortunate to be considered one of the best freelancers in Nigeria today

Because of my results and that of my students

I’ve made some really cool thousands of dollars from Freelancing and so have my students

As of June 2022 the combined total in gigs that all 2000+ of my students have closed collectively sums up to $568,300 (you can see the proof all over the testimonials on this page)

But you see,

It wasn’t always like this

Back in 2018 I was nothing but a broke drop out living in a mud house

I had no laptop, no light, and the house roof, and walls had holes.

I wasn’t even good at any skill, I had just my infinix hot 5 phone with a broken screen to carry me on.

I was at rock bottom and was alone

It was around this time that I discovered copywriting and decided to go into it as a freelance skill.

At first, I had just 2 Nigerian clients who were paying N10,000 per month to manage everything about their social media

But i had to quit along the way because it was too much work for such a small pay

7 months later i got my first client who paid me $300 for a products description which I wrote on my phone

it took 6 more months to get a client who paid me $1500 for a writing project which I still executed 100% on my smartphone

Today I am able to travel the world while making multiple 7 figures in naira every month

With this kind of progress

Nobody will ever ask you again “what are you doing with your life?”

“Why are you always pressing your phone?”

Sure, the money is good

But more than anything else…

It’s about the freedom to live your life exactly how you want

In control, not controlled

As a master, not a slave.


By now you might already be asking …

What Is Freelancing And How Does It Work?

I’d like to assume you already know what freelancing is or at least you’ve heard of it.

But if you haven’t, kindly permit me to explain it to you briefly

So you can know How It Works & How You Can Make Money From It

A freelancer is someone who doesn’t work for one specific company but a lot of them

By doing this you are not limited to one company’s work and can set your price to how high or low you wish to be paid

Since you can choose who you work with.

You can either be a Nigerian freelancer working for Nigerian clients and earning peanuts

Or Be A Nigerian Freelancer who works with foreign clients/companies

I’m talking about clients in first-world countries like the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc

And don’t worry you won’t be scamming, spamming, or disturbing anyone.

All you’ll be doing is offering skills and services that are high in demand to people who need them.

Imagine getting paid $1000 just to write

That’s over N610,000 for a single project

Most Nigerian clients won’t even pay you up to N50,000 for that

This is the advantage you have as a High Paid Freelancer

Knowing this you can decide to work with 3 clients at $1000 each month, that’s $3000/month

Way more money for doing less work

And even if you don’t like the idea of working with multiple people you can find a company that will pay you between $1000 -$5,000 monthly.

Or maybe you are the laziest person on earth…

you can still make $500/month and that’s over 305,000naira (using the current exchange rate of N610/$1 )

every month as a beginner.

The Best Part IS…

You can do your work with your smartphone from anywhere…

From your house

From your hostel

From your friend’s house

From a restaurant

And so on

Where you are working from doesn’t matter

So long as you are providing value to your clients and helping their businesses solve a problem.

That’s all that matters


You don’t even have to work round the clock

In most cases and depending on your client’s needs you can choose to work only in hours where you are free and feel most productive

This can either be in the morning


or like a regular 9-5 from the comfort of your home


Where Do I Find Foreign Clients To Work With?

That won’t be a problem as there is always going to be an abundance of clients

You can get them on freelance platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, etc

or social media channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc

I will be showing you how to get clients on these platforms briefly

But first I want you to know

To become a well-paid freelancer who works from their smartphone and earns upwards of $500 monthly working from the comfort of their home

Living comfortably and being able to take care of your needs and that of your loved ones

You’ll need to be willing to put in the work.

Yes, you’ll have to work hard

If you can’t do that then I don’t want you in my program

Even if you are a busy person so long as you can set aside 2 hours each day

You can achieve amazing results that you’ll be proud of.

But you have to be willing to put in the work for these 2 hours

Understand what I’m saying?


Great if you understand and wish to proceed

Then I’d like to invite you to

The Freelance For Smartphone Course webinar

The freelance for smartphone Is a program I put together after seeing the staggering success of my flagship course “The High Paid Freelancers Premium”

A lot of people wish to join the HPF Premium but either cannot afford it or want something tailored to their smartphone

So they don’t have to use a laptop

Which birthed this masterpiece

Now, who is this for?

This is for you if you are interested in getting into freelancing and changing your financial situation but do not have a smartphone

You are a total newbie in the freelance space and do not know how to get started

You are a graduate or a student in university and you have discovered that things aren’t all rosy in the Nigeria Job hunting space.

You are looking for an alternative and lucrative way to make ends meet.

You are sick and tired of everyone looking down on you like you are a failure and you want to do something to improve your financial situation


No matter what your situation Is, the high-paying client’s attraction techniques I will be sharing with you in the freelance for smartphone course will help you.

Just as it has helped them


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