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How To Start an Online Business That is Guaranteed To Make You at least 200k Every Single Month Using Just Your Smartphone (or Laptop) From Anywhere in Nigeria

Hi reader,


If you want to make LEGAL money online without being scammed or being frustrated by online gurus (that’s just after your money)…

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  1. avoid using slang related to broke like SAPA.
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So What’s This About?


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What you’re about to receive are 4 of my best selling courses.


Courses that have made ordinary Nigerian like you make some good amount of money.


Courses & Active Support Group that’ll make you consistent money (at least 200k) every single month, right from the comfort of your room… all by pressing your phone…

But instead of letting you pay for them separately or FULL PRICE…


I’m giving them away for almost free.


Way is cheaper than the cost of 1 of them.

Why am I selling them for Cheap?




I have a high priced coaching program (cost about 100k)…


So before I sell that to you, I want you to make massive money first through my teachings…

Because that’s the only way you can trust me to pay for my coaching service.

Put differently…


I want you to get these 4 courses that cover 4 different ways to make money online.


I want you to take your time and go through all of them.


I want you to practice them, following the easy-laid out steps in the videos…


And once you start making money …


At least 200k every single month.


It’ll only make sense that you’ll buy my coaching programs (which cost around 100k).

“Internet Money Kit”

Internet Money Kit is a collection of 4 High courses that will show you how to make money online using just your mobile phone.

Listen carefully…


200K every single month…


Ask most people and they’ll tell you that’s the DREAM.


It’s like the standard for living a (legal) good life in Nigeria where you don’t worry about most things life has to offer.


But even though most people spend most of their life trying to earn that amount… 


ONLY 1% often hit and even surpass it. 


That’s the sad reality. 


But does it have to be so? 


No… Because if you see most people that are “Making Money Online…


They’ll tell you otherwise. 


Because in the “internet world”, making 200k per month isn’t a dream, it’s a REALITY. 


In fact, we even consider it “ a great start”. 


The start of many milestones to come.


And for once, now is your chance to make at least 200k every single month using…

Here Are The 4 Comprehensive Courses You’ll Be Getting Today!

1.Gadget Money Blueprint

This is a step by step video program that shows you how to buy gadgets from US & other not popular countries and import them to Nigeria and sell them with over 50% profit on your Investment​.


People simply love gadgets. 


No matter their age, gender, or occupation. 


And even though technology keeps advancing at a rapid speed, there are cool new gadgets appearing on the market every day – from brand new phones to smartwatches and so on.


What this means for you is, that people will always buy gadgets.


And with Gadget importation, you can make plenty amount of money in the shortest time you ever thought possible.


For example…


In one of the places, you’ll be buying your gadgets…


You can buy iPhone 11 pro for $412

When you convert that at the current dollar rate of N560


That’s 412 X 560 = 200k.


Now considering the phone is very neat and has no-fault, you can conveniently sell this phone for as much as 300k.


That’s 100k pure profit from one phone sale.


Imagine selling just 2 pieces in a month, you’ll be sitting on 200k pure profit.


Best part? You’re doing this in the comfort of your home… all with your android phone.

Inside the Gadget Money Blueprint:

  1. The One Gadget That Will Make You 100k every month even if you 
  2. No capital? Use this Gadget Drop Shipping model to raise cash fast.
  3. Your eyes will be opened to the secret country computer village boys buy cheap gadgets. And no, it’s not the US.
  4. How to pick what kind of gadgets to specialize in. This alone will make you appear as a big importer to customers.
  5. 10 trusted agents that’ll ship the gadgets to Nigeria in 2 days.
  6. You’ll get access to contacts of my trusted agents (including the ones who have been in the business for 7 years now)
  7. Do you know buying phones on passwords is 50% cheaper? I’ll give you a contact that knows how to unlock patterns and encryptions. 
  8. What to look out for in a phone before you buy, e.g, how to spot fake, how to identify scams, how to check IMEI, how to check if an iPhone is on iCloud lock, etc)
  9. The EXACT script you’ll use to chat with them so you can buy for lower than the price they displayed. This works like magic but it isn’t.
  10. PLUS how EXACTLY to sell your gadgets in a day.

WORTH: N10,000 but you’re getting it inside this kit.

2. Importation Money Blueprint

If you have been struggling to import from China or you have ZERO knowledge about importation, this blueprint is for you.


Because right inside this blueprint, you’ll learn every single thing you need to start your importation business with no or little capital and scale to a 6 or 7 figure business.


Imagine buying goods for N2,000 in China and selling for as much as 10,000.

The profit in this business is massive.


In fact, if done right, this could end your money worries forever.

Inside the Importation Money Blueprint:

  1. How to buy products through Chinese sites such as 1688, Aliexpress, and From manufacturers. 
  2. 5 things to look out for before buying any product. #3 can make you lose money.
  3. How a few Nigerians are selling their imported goods on Jumia & Konga.
  4. No capital? No worries, I’ll share my secrets of how to import with zero capital. You can only use these 3 times.
  5. List of best shipping companies with cheap and affordable prices. 
  6. Tested & verified Chinese contacts for your product shipping.
  7. The RIGHT way to approach your suppliers to order goods.
  8. List of trusted agents that can help you buy your products from China with their money. 
  9. How to pay your China agent in Naira for the goods purchased with ease so you don’t get scammed.
  10. List of hot products to import and sell. (These products will make you 200k in a week)

Normally selling for N15,000 but you’re getting it inside this kit.

3.Web Consultant Money Blueprint


The most comprehensive course on web design & how to make 200k per website design. And you don’t have to write a single line of code.


Inside this video program, you’ll master how to build and design: school websites, church websites, company websites, and eCommerce websites.


That’s not all!


You’ll also be given access to web design proposal scripts so you can use them to get clients that are willing to pay you as much as 150k to 400k for a single website.


Seriously, this is the best web design program out there.


No hype.

The teaching style was made with an easy approach so anyone (including a total newbie) can create and build a stunning website in a matter of minutes… after finishing this program.

Inside the Web Consultant Money Blueprint:


You’ll learn…

  1. What to know about website design theories. Miss this and you’ll struggle with using colours rightly. 
  2. Where to Buy Domain & Hosting for Cheap.
  3. How to get a quality image that pops on your website without being a graphic designer.
  4. How to build your own website using WordPress themes
  5. How to design any kind of website with a CLICK. This tool is worth $977 but you’re getting it for free.
  6. The ONE design rule you must apply if you want to charge 200k as a web designer.
  7. How to create professional emails like info@company.com for yourself and clients and charge them for it.
  8. [CASE STUDY] How to BUILD a church website. 
  9. [CASE STUDY] How to BUILD an Ecommerce website like Jumia.
  10. [CASE STUDY] How to BUILD a company’s official website.
  11. [CASE STUDY] How to design a blog.
  12. How to back up your WordPress website so you never lose your files.
  13. How to start your web design agency without registering your business name or opening an office.

WORTH: N10,000 but you’re getting it inside this kit.

4.Car Dropshipping Money Blueprint

With this blueprint, you can earn an extra income (as much as 100,000 to 500,000) buying cars for others from abroad if you gain access to this information.


The best part? You can do everything with your smartphone, and you don’t need to leave the comfort of your home.


And it’s 100% LEGAL.


As long you are connected to the internet, you can buy any car of your choice and get it shipped to you right here in Nigeria without stress.

Inside the Car Dropshipping Money Blueprint:

  1. Detailed Guidelines On Starting Car Importation Business In Nigeria and How to market your cars successfully.
  2. How to clear your car in Nigeria and the contact details of our recommended clearing agent in Nigeria. 
  3. What to look out for in any car of your choice before making payment for it.
  4. How to make a great income and become a virtual car dealer by helping family, friends and neighbours acquire cars of their choice at low cost from USA and Canada.
  5. Complete guide on Importing cars from USA and Canada.
  1. List of genuine auction and dealerships platforms to get cars at their cheapest.
  2. Things you should have at the back of your mind before placing a bid on a car.
  3. How to get a first-hand report on the status of any car you are interested in buying before further negotiations with the dealers.
  4. How to get a USA government auto expert to inspect the car for you.
  5. How to make payments securely to avoid losing money to scammers.
  6. The best affordable shipping line to use without worries.
  7. How to clear any type of car and get all the document needed to drive it in Nigeria.
  8. How to detect if a car was stolen, accidented or flooded.
  9. What to know before buying an accident or flooded car.
  10. What to expect in a clean title car
  11. What to expect in an accidented/flooded car.
  12. How to determine the cost of repairing an accidented car.
  13. How to sell your imported cars easily and fast and many more…

Normally selling for N10,000 but you’re getting it inside this kit.

So How much Are You Paying For All These?



Let’s get something straight.


You’re not spending a dime on this kit.

Consider it an investment. 


A little investment that’ll pay you 1000X (I can guarantee you that).


An investment in your future.


Trust me, just picking one of those courses and mastering it will build a lasting business that’ll end your money worries.


For example,


    • The Gadget Money Blueprint, you only need to sell 2 gadgets to make 200k pure profit every single month.
  • Importation Blueprint can activate a daily credit alert business for you. It’s something you can even scale to a full-blown offline business. This is the same secret Igbo men use to import things from China.
    • Web Consultant Blueprint; just one client a month can fetch you nothing less than 150k.
  • Car Dropshipping will make you as much as 200k per sale. (Of course, this isn’t a business you can do every day).

Sum everything you’ll be getting…


You’ll realise this kit shouldn’t be given away for anything less than N100,000.


But don’t panic yet…


Because you’re not going to pay anything close.


And even though I decided to put it half of that price, you’ll agree with me, it’s a big steal.


But you won’t even pay 50,000.


Not even 25,000.


Now, I’m shutting my courses and want to focus on “Mentorship & Coaching Programmes”…


So I want to give away all my courses for a price for a ridiculous giveaway amount.


A price that can’t even buy a bucket of KFC chicken.


And considering the fee, you’ll be investing will be very small…


I can only limit a few people to have access to these courses (so I can conveniently answer their questions inside the support Group).

So this offer is strictky for 25 people.


The first 20 people to get the “Internet Money Kit” will pay…

N4,997 ONLY.


Yes, you read that correctly. You are getting those 4 COURSES inside the “Internet Money Kit” for just N4,997 if you are one of the next 20 people to take action now.


But the thing is this…


If you are interested in this then you must hurry because when I announced this discount on my Whatsapp yesterday, 11 people immediately paid for the “Internet Money Kit”.

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Get Results 100 Days Money Back Guarantee

Listen, “Internet Money Kit” is the best deal you’ll ever invest your money on…

It’s everything I say and more…

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So here’s the deal:


Get the “Internet Money Kit” risk-free today.

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After studying and implementing any of them, and you don’t make MONEY within 100 days…

Drop a message on the Support Group or DM me… and I’ll refund 100% of your “money” within 24 hours. Period!


How many people selling online will make that kind of guarantee for their service? None. 


As you can see, I’m willing to make a statement like that, and more than willing to back it up.




Because I know if you’re like most of my students, you’ll start making money immediately from what you’ll learn inside any of those kits.


Remember this offer is for a limited number of people.

15 5 fast action takers. 


The ball is in your court…


If you want to make money this year 2022, this is an awesome opportunity you may regret missing.

If you are a smart person that’s ready to MAKE more money this 2022 (reading this) you have two options:



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  • Enough money to never rely on your tiny salary
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Call me and my course bull sh*t and move on, then you put yourself at risk of struggling hugely before this year ends. 


Then you eventually end 2022 struggling to see the light of the day, while you keep wondering if you were playing with your life the whole year or what you did wrong… or maybe God has forsaken you.

By that time, your friends might start bragging about how much they made in 2022 while you look at your empty bank account, wallowing in self-pity. 


I pray this will never, ever be your portion. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


The choice is yours.


  1. You see 4997 isn’t what MOST people flex in a single outing. It can’t even buy you good shoes or even trousers.


But for today alone, investing that 4997 could be the game changer in your life.


Considering how many millionaires the internet has produced.


Again, with my 100 Days Guarantee, there is absolutely nothing to lose. 


If for some reason I’m wrong about this, you’ve risked absolutely nothing. 


But If I’m right, you risk everything by not taking action today.